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These packing machines are designed to automatically wrap rolls of product in paper or polythene. The machine checks the length and diameter of the roll and feeds out the correct length & width of wrapping material required. The roll is then fed through an end seal unit.
End sealer
This sealer is usually supplied with a conveyor system that feeds the rolls of carpet wrapped in polythene through the unit. The sealer detects the end of the roll and stops the conveyors in the correct position, the polythene overhanging the roll end is then gathered together and ultrasonically sealed .
Tube hopper
The tube dispenser is designed to automatically feed cardboard tubes directly into the reroll head prior to rolling. The standard unit is supplied with one hopper when only one length of tube is required. Alternatively a two hopper system can be supplied for multiple length tubes.
Measure unit
This P.C. based measuring system is capable of an accuracy of plus or minus 0.15 percent. The measure system has an R.S.232 interface for communications to a main frame computer and can be fitted to most cutting machines in the field.